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Setting a Higher Standard

We exceed expectations by not only providing tactically-sound professionals as deterrents to criminals but also by appreciating, respecting, and supporting our client’s culture. We strategically and carefully protect clients, allowing them to focus on important responsibilities without worry. We also collaborate effectively with personal protection teams, client management, and law enforcement to deliver a comprehensive and consistent operation that defines our signature approach.

Officer Requirements: Unparalleled Excellence

Our armed, uniformed security professionals far exceed the minimum state standards. We uphold the highest standards, ensuring our officers:

  • Pass extensive recurring background checks.
  • Complete recurring advanced TSN firearm qualifications.
  • Pass annual Physical Fitness tests.
  • Undergo random drug screenings.
  • Complete continuing education courses covering professionalism, ethics, incident reporting, active shooter response, use of force, and more.
Detailed Reporting: Comprehensive and Informative

We provide detailed reports outlining daily activities and recommendations that educate our clients about their site and any lingering concerns. Dedicated supervisors compile our reports and include highlighted items for ease of review. Furthermore, we create Operation Orders specific to each client location to ensure accountability and understanding of expectations.

Liability: Your Trusted Security Partner

Providing true security requires expertise, training, knowledge of laws, tactical skills, and equipment. Our clients eliminate the risk of incurring additional civil or criminal liability by choosing us. We assume the liability they experienced before our involvement in securing their assets and people. Our personnel undergo higher-level training, adhere to disciplined licensing practices, pass regular background checks, random drug screenings, and meet rigorous requirements beyond state requirements. We also extend our insurance coverage to our clients for added protection. When selecting a security contractor, clients need only ensure proper licensing and insurance—we handle the rest!

Customized Service: Tailored to You

Our professional security services are customized to meet each client’s unique requirements. Our provisions may include:

  • A high-level professional presence
  • A welcoming environment for clients, staff, and authorized visitors
  • Effective deterrence against criminals
  • Customer service-focused personnel
  • Strategic officer placements for optimal coverage
  • Consideration and helpfulness toward staff and patrons
  • Prompt response to calls
  • Continuous improvement of safety and security practices
  • Coordination with local emergency services
  • Employee escorts to vehicles
  • Professionals who understand a client’s concerns and culture
  • Monitoring of dedicated CCTV systems
  • Dedicated security cell phone and accessible contact number for employees
  • Upholding officer standards and professionalism above state requirements

Choose TSN. Our goal is to make you wish you’d done so long ago.  

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