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“TSN has provided our employees with exceptional service for over two years now. The guards’ diligence and attention to detail prove crucial for our company’s special events as well as our everyday needs.
The TSN supervisor has been emblematic of what we’ve come to expect: a guard who is both personable and protective in the right measure. (When he served as a guard at our holiday party, some employees greeted him as if he were family, excited to see him there. He proved particularly helpful at this large event where our nearly 400 guests needed his eye for safety in their celebrating.) Others on his team have been skilled in balancing the demands of the job with a similarly warm approach. TSN guards put our employees at ease, maintaining a positive attitude and a keen eye for concerning situations.
Whether it’s a last-minute request from us, a proactive email about scheduling, or a reliable report of activity, TSN’s staff has been helpfully communicative and professional. We appreciate all they do for our team.”

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